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Creating your responsible and sustainable strategy


Ensure an economically profitable activity, minimize the ecological impact and improve the social footprint that your company generates.


Would you like your processes, products or services to be more sustainable, generate a positive impact and do you want to know where to start?

Do you want to develop a socially responsible brand image that helps you to stay closer to your customers and ahead of your competitors?

Even though you understand the importance of being more sustainable, do you have the feeling that this change is going to increase your costs?

Do you want to improve and complete your business structure to manage sustainability and thus be eligible for projects or grants?

How will your customers react if you make decisions focused on sustainability that involve an increase in the price of your product?

Are you starting a new business and want sustainability to be one of the pillars of your strategy from the beginning?

My mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses like yours find answers to all these questions.

  • You will understand the concepts of sustainability and corporate social responsibility and how they can benefit your company.  

  • We will analyze your activities and processes to identify those where you can improve and be more sustainable, investigating your sector and the technology and options available.

  • We will identify the areas that can be optimized, and that will involve saving resources, and therefore costs.

  • You will be able to convey to your client the quality and value of your product or service, the effort behind it and the benefit it entails for everyone.  

  • We will look for what are the points that differentiate you and what may be of interest to your clients and we will identify the relevant information to publish about your products, materials or processes developing Sustainability Reports for example according to the GRI Standard.  

  • We will review which standards (ISO 26000, SDG ...) can help you better manage sustainability in your company and obtain certifications that will improve your image.

Defining and implementing a sustainable business strategy in your company will actively contribute to creating a more respectful society with the environment and with all people.

Reduce costs

By rationalizing the consumption of natural resources, you will be able to save costs.

Reduce risks

You will reduce the risks derived from the climate, environmental and social emergency.​

Legal compliance

You will be aware of and be able to anticipate the national and European legal requirements.

Attract talent

Your commitment will generate interest as an employer with values, attracting and retaining talent.

Improve your image

You will enhance your business image, which will allow you to gain a competitive advantage.

Become a reference

You will be an inspiration for your sector, as a committed and transformative company.

How are we going to do it?


We will hold a first analysis meeting to understand your current situation and your goals, identifying activities and impacts.


We will assess which of your processes, products or services need to be prioritized according to the impacts produced.


For each of them we will study their economic, social and environmental aspects and we will develop your own and customized action plan.


We will review the legislation and assess what norms or standards can help you manage your company in a sustainable way. I will guide you in the definition process and, if you need it, during the implantation.


We will develop tools to effectively communicate efforts and commitments to the environment, for example through the GRI Standards.

Working with me


Hello! I am Raquel, an industrial engineer and environmental and sustainability consultant.


As an engineer I have worked for many years in the industrial sector, and I know that modifying processes is a difficult, laborious and expensive task. However, having met other people in different parts of the world and their living conditions, has prompted me to focus on what is truly important and priority.  That is why today I want to help you embark on this path and this service will provide you with the necessary tools.

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Get in touch to talk



Send me a message, tell me about your project and request a first meeting. I will be happy to assess your case without obligation.

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