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Reduce the impact on the environment and share your commitment


Identify the relevant environmental impacts of your company and learn how to manage them to reduce risks and enhance your relevance as a conscious business.


Would you like to know what are the environmental impacts of your activities, processes, products or services and how to minimize them?

Would you like to know more about the regulatory frameworks regarding the environment, as well as the certifications that can enhance your company's image?

Do you want to have control over the damage that the activities of your organization can cause to the environment?

Do you want to implement an environmental management system in your organization that allows you to design an action plan but you don't know where to start?

Do you want to avoid financial penalties or a possible loss of reputation in the event of an environmental incident?

Have you heard about the carbon footprint and would you like to know how to calculate it, how to manage it and what advantages it can bring to your company?

I work with small and medium-sized businesses like yours and together we seek answers to all these questions.

  • We will analyze your processes and identify the critical points where you must work and improve, considering a life cycle perspective, investigating the sector and available technology.

  • We will design an environmental management plan that you can integrate into your company's overall policy and that will enable you to achieve the level of environmental performance you have set.​

  • You will be able to obtain the certification of ISO 14001 or the EMAS Regulation, thus improving your image and business positioning and differentiating yourself through your environmental commitment.

  • We will work on awareness-raising and training involving the entire workforce in order to obtain a better environmental commitment from all aspects of the activity.

  • You will understand the concept of carbon footprint , how relevant it is for your service and I will help you to carry out the calculation and design an action plan in accordance with the GHG Protocol.

Analyzing the environmental impact of your company and developing an action plan to reduce it will actively contribute to the protection of the natural environment.

Reduce costs

By rationalizing the consumption of natural resources, you will be able to reduce costs.​

Become a reference

You will be an inspiration for your sector, as a company committed to the environment.

Legal compliance

You will be able to adapt to the legal requirements in national and European environmental matters.

Reduce pollution

By optimizing your processes you will reduce waste, discharges and CO2 emissions.

Reduce risks

You will reduce the risks derived from the effects of environmental impacts and climate change.

Better management

You will be able to integrate the environmental management with quality, safety and health or energy.  ​

How are we going to do it?


We will hold a first analysis meeting to understand your current situation and your goals, identifying activities and impacts.


We will assess which of your processes, products or services need to be prioritized according to the impacts produced.


We will create an environmental management plan and a strategy against climate change for your company and we will assess what standards can help you.


I will guide you during the preparation and creation of the necessary processes to implement an ISO 14001 or the EMAS Regulation  and calculate your carbon footprint using the GHG Protocol standard.


We will develop necessary tools and protocols to effectively share your efforts and commitments with the environment and climate change with your groups of interest.

Working with me


Hello! I am Raquel, an industrial engineer and environmental and sustainability consultant.


As an engineer I have worked for many years in the industrial sector, and I know that modifying processes is a difficult and laborious task. However, having seen with my own eyes in different parts of the world the environmental deterioration and the effects of climate change, has helped me learn and focus on what is truly important and priority. That is why I have created this service, because I want to help you on this path.

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Get in touch to talk


Send me a message, tell me about your project and request a first meeting. I will be happy to assess your case without obligation.

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