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Incorporate sustainability into your training plans


Keep your company up-to-date on environmental and sustainability issues to organically adapt to new requirements.


Would you like to have the right know-how to be able to maintain or even create your own sustainability strategy but don't know where to start?

Are you worried that your company is not properly updated and informed about new trends and requirements in corporate responsibility?

Do you think your team needs to be more aware of environmental and social responsibility issues in order to improve your environmental and social performance?

Are you starting a new business and do you want sustainability to be part of the pillars of your strategy from the very beginning?

My mission is to share my knowledge with small and medium-sized companies like yours to find answers to all these questions.

  • We will delve into concepts such as sustainability, impact, responsibility, climate change, environmental certifications, etc. and see how they can benefit your company.

  • We will look in detail at the steps to follow through guides that your team can use independently to work on the issues that interest you the most.

  • Through workshops and talks you will increase the training and awareness of your staff, improving the working environment and the effectiveness of your sustainability strategy.

  • We can create fully customised talks tailored to the topics that are of particular interest to you.

Why invest in sustainability training and talks?

Better understanding

You will understand different sustainability concepts to facilitate their implementation in your company's strategy.

Less risks

You will be able to develop mitigation and adaptation measures to reduce risks derived from climate, environmental and social emergencies.


You will learn about the new regulations to adapt your strategies to comply with the legislation.

More talent

Your commitment will arouse interest as an employer with values and you will attract talent.


You will create the foundations for better management of your company.


You will be a benchmark in your sector and thus improve your image at national and international level.

How are we going to do it?


We will have a first session to analyse where your company is and what you are interested in learning. 


We will check if the available trainings are suitable for your needs and which topics should be adapted. 


If necessary, I will prepare a customised proposal for the topic your company needs.


We will choose the format that best suits your company based on the number of attendees and their knowledge of the subject.


My trainings include a totally experiential learning experience to guarantee continuous attention and a method designed for the rapid assimilation of the contents and their implementation the day after the course.

Working with me


Hello! I am Raquel, an industrial engineer and environmental and sustainability consultant.


As an engineer I have worked for many years in the industrial sector, and I know that modifying processes is a difficult, laborious and expensive task. In 2021 I started my project as a sustainability consultant for companies that want to strike a balance between responsibility and profitability. I also love to give talks and share my knowledge because I am convinced that any change, no matter how small, can have a big impact.

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Get in touch to talk


Send me a message, tell me what you want to train for and request a first meeting to get to know each other. I will assess your case without obligation.

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